Rot Forever

by Sioux Falls

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    releases 19 February 2016

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Chain of Lakes
Past Tense
In Case It Gets Lost
Practice Space
San Francisco Earthquake
Your Name's Not Ned
If You Let It
The Winner


Rot Forever was recorded and mixed in the summer of 2015 by Matt Thomson at Ivy League Recording in Portland, Oregon and Mastered by Sean Fahey.

Available on Broken World Media and Standard Brickhouse Records


releases February 19, 2016

Isaac Eiger- Vocals, Guitar
Fred Nixon- Bass, Vocals
Ben Scott- Drums

Tylord aka Tyler Bussey played banjo on Practice Space
Laken Wright sang on Soaked in Sleep
A whole bunch of *~semi-ok~* people sang on San Francisco Earthquake

Lyrics by Isaac except Crushed by Fred
Cover photo taken by Clive Nixon c. 1970 something



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Sioux Falls Portland, Oregon

Indie Rock/Post-Punk band from Portland, Or.

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Track Name: Dom
spending too much time on the internet
are you ok? you don't seem very into it
when i get home i crawl in bed
did you get that voicemail your sister sent?

when i explode will you freak out?
ben's never tasted saur kraut
i think it's fun i think it's sweet
i think it's nice i think you're mean

how was work are you okay?
how's your mom is she the same?
i am good just playing shows
you know how that stuff goes
i know it's hard for you to see
but this is just what she needs
you never got just what she meant
you messed it up again, again
you went to bed but not to sleep
you hurt yourself
he is a creep
that fucks his kids
they hit their friends
and disrupt class their teacher says
i don't know just where i sit
towards the back a little bit
she had a big newfie named dom
he died young now she's a mom

i hope that she is doing ok
i think she is in her own way
i hope she is doing ok
Track Name: Dinosaur Dying
i know it slips and gets displaced
beneath the waves that live in you
your mom and dad survive encased
inside their childhood residue
it seems so strange to see the sun arrive so late
it splits apart the nighttime
warms your face

i was on your roof
looking at cartoons
you were right there too
nothing else to do
then you stopped

but it sounds like a dinosaur dying
just those long nights
where you're not even crying
did you see the length of my reach?
did you need something different than me?

i'm getting so sick of myself
the dumbest ticks become routine
an exit pressed against your head
a flaming ocean in the street
i had a dream you were in a book that i am reading
won't you come see pile with me?
Track Name: Soaked in Sleep
can you stay?
hang out in my head
staring at the ceiling all day
clean your plate
dook lays in the sun
that song you sent me feels like saturdays

call in
i'm not sick
i feel better than i usually do
soaked in sleep
stick with me
in 2003
show me

get off late
bussed up to your house
the moon was huge and followed me to your place

never mind
i don't even know
the seconds get all stretched and split with holes